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Updated: 17 Apr 2001
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A list of the power amplifier designs and related articles I have published in Wireless World/Electronics World. Constructional notes and pictures are available for a few only.






"A Compressor/limiter"FET-based compressorDec 1975
"An Advanced Preamplifier"Bipolar discrete op-amps: MRP1Nov 1976NOTESPICTURE
"Additions to Advanced Preamplifier"Minor add-ons to MRP1.Oct 1977
"A High-Performance Preamp"Bipolar conventional: MRP4Feb 1979NOTESPICTURE
"A Precision Preamplifier"5532 op-amps: The MRP10.Oct 1983NOTESPICTURE
"Moving-Coil Head Amplifier"Bipolar/opamp hybrid, v low THDDec 1987
Science & SubjectivismSee "Pseudoscience"July 1988
Sound MOSFET Design"Hybrid BJT/FET amplifier outputSept 1990
"Inside Mixing Consoles"Some Secrets of Mixer designApr 1991
Distortion In Power Amplifiers 1The sources of distortionAug 1993
Distortion In Power Amplifiers 2The input stageSep 1993
Distortion In Power Amplifiers 3The voltage-amplifier stageOct 1993
Distortion In Power Amplifiers 4Output stages 1Nov 1993
Distortion In Power Amplifiers 5Output stages 2Dec 1993
Distortion In Power Amplifiers 6The remaining distortionsJan 1994
Distortion In Power Amplifiers 7Compensation. A Class-B designFeb 1994NOTESPICTURE
Distortion In Power Amplifiers 8A Class-A design exampleMar 1994
Common-Emitter AmpsDeep matters of topology.July 94
"High-speed Audio Power"Fast amplifiers & slew-rate.Sept 94
"Distortion Off The Rails"Power Supply RejectionMar 95
The Linearity CompetitionFETs are less linear than BJTsMay 95
"Trimodal Audio Power" Part 1ClassA/AB/B power ampJune 95NOTESPICTURE
"Trimodal Audio Power" Part 2ClassA/AB/B power ampJuly 95
Olsson 2-stageCritique: I don't like it.Sept 95
Thermal Dynamics Part 1Bias temp compensationMay 96

Thermal Dynamics Part 2& thermal simulation.June 96
Precision Preamp '96 I5532 op-amps: The MRP-11.Jul 96NOTESPICTURE
Precision Preamp '96 II...the best preamp ever?Sep 96
Thermal Dynamics Part 3Variable tempco biasing.Oct 96
Night Thoughts on Crossover Distn.Dark thoughts indeedNov 96
Load-Invariant power ampLow THD into 3 or 4 OhmsJan 97NOTESPCB PIC
"Overload Matters"RIAA preamp overloadFeb 97
Balanced line inputs and outputs IThe many variations on themApr 97
Balanced line inputs and outputs IIPlus grounding info May 97
Audio power interface I: amplifiersOutput networks etc. Sept 97
Audio power interface II: cablesHow they really work.Oct 97
Audio power interface III: speakersWhat they do to amps.Nov 97
Distortion Residuals.Identifying distortionsJan 98 p32
Excess speaker currents.are not so mysteriousFeb 98 p98
Class DistinctionAmplifier classification schemeMar 99
Muting RelaysControlling them intelligentlyJuly 99
Cool Audio PowerPower partition diagrams.Aug 99
Audio PowerPower partition: reactive loadsDec 99

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